Reviews Intoxic

  • Marko

    My son has roundworm. The doctor advises Intoxicno harm there, and so weakened the body. The drug is not cheap, but after 5 days the son was much better. 2 weeks later we finished taking the drug. 2 weeks later got tested and the eggs of Ascaris were found. The problem with taking the capsules was not the son of god simply took over the capsules.

  • Matea

    To be honest, I didn't expect a positive result. The last 3 years I've periodically tried to recover from the parasites that use different chemicals. In a lull it seemed that the disease has receded. But after one or two months, the worms again appeared and began anew: problems with jeludkom, asthenia, fever. intoxic it is recommended to a colleague, who gave these capsules my six years old son. And I decided to try it. Capsules did not disappoint, after 3 months I have not seen any symptom of the disease.

  • Nikolina

    From the beginning, I was attracted to the product with a full no side effects. Consult with a doctor about Intoxic. The doctor said that the medicine is good and can be taken. I ordered Intoxic via the Internet. The product is not disappoint: the results are good and they work well. And all thanks to the drug!

  • Maja

    You want to tell your story. My grandson childhood, was weak, poor appetite, inactive. Tried lots of different remedies, be it with doctors, drinking vitamins, but noticeable changes were made. On the advice of a friend decided to drink Intoxic. And after the full course the baby is easy on the eyes, began to revive. Have energy, good mood, desire, began to gain weight. I recommend Intoxic!

  • Nikolina

    My daughter has turned out to be parasites. Depending on the doctor's recommendation, we ordered online and buy the drug Intoxicespecially what is the cure, my friend already gave his son, and the results were perfect. What can I say? Capsules children drank immediately, after a month of tests have shown that the parasites completely disappeared from the body.

Reviews Intoxic